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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I change the function once I've started the machine? +
    No. This appliance is equipped with a function lock that will lock automatically 3 seconds after the function button is pressed. If you need to change to another function after pressing the wrong one, you will need to unplug the machine from power to start another function.
  • Can I use this machine to reheat my milk, soup, etc? +
    After the contents have cooled, do not use this machine to reheat the milk/juice. This will cause the milk to burn to the heater.
  • How many beans do I need to use? +
    One measuring cup of dry soybeans will equal about 2 measuring cups of soaked beans. If you're using the dry bean cycle, use one cup of dry beans. For the soaked option, use 2 cups of soaked beans.
  • How do I turn off the machine? +
    There is no off switch, simply unplug the machine to turn it off.
  • Why is the milk overflowing? +

    Possible reasons for milk overflowing:

    • Overflow sensor has not been washed properly before use
    • Wrong button has been pressed
    • Milk is too thick (you've used too many beans, nuts or grains)
    • The machine is defective
  • Why does my soy milk have a burnt taste? +

    Possible reason for a burnt taste:

    • Machine has not been cleaned well before use
    • Sweetener added before the cycle starts
    • Milk is too thick
    • Use of distilled or purified water causes overboiling, use only tap water
    • Water temperature is too low, use only room temperature water
  • Why doesn't my soy milk seem to be properly cooked? +

    You most likely have used too much water, or too many beans/nuts/grains. Follow the instructions for a recommended amount.

  • Why don't I have any lights on my machine after I plug it in? +

    Either the outlet has no power, or the power cord is not properly connected to the appliance or outlet. Please check to make sure the outlet and cord are working properly.

  • My control panel buttons are lit, but the machine isn't working. What's wrong? +

    There might not be enough water in the barrel, make sure you fill with water between the MIN and MAX lines. You might possibly have a faulty control panel or circuit panel in which you should open a new support case.

  • Why isn't my motor working? +

    The motor automatically stops working when used more than 5 times in a row. Please allow the motor to rest for an hour if it fails to work. You might also possibly have a faulty control or circuit panel in which case you should create a new support case.

  • Why aren't the contents heated? +

    If you've chosen one of the heated cycles (not the juice/clean option) and your contents are not heated you might have a faulty heating element or control panel. Please open a support case.

  • Why aren't my beans/grains/nuts very well milled? +

    You may have used too many beans/grains/nuts, too much, or too little water. Please follow the instructions. If you have followed the instructions and still have problems, your machine could be defective and you will need to open a support case.

  • Why doesn't it seem like the lid closes tight? +

    The machine is designed to have a small space for steam to escape during the cycle.

  • Why did my contents burn to the bottom of the barrel? +

    Do not use sugar, cheese, or anything else that might burn while heated rapidly. Add sugar and other sweeteners after the cycle completes. Do not use cheese in your soups as it will burn to the bottom of the barrel.

  • Can the soy milk maker be used outside of the United States? +

    We designed this machine to be used in the United States with 110-volt power. We can not be held responsible for machines that are subsequently shipped to different countries where the voltage may be incompatible. The use of converters are not supported and will void the warranty, as will shipping it outside of the United States.

  • Can I use this machine with a power converter for 220v? +

    The Presto Pure soy milk machine was designed for use in the United States with 110v power. Any use of the machine with a converter is not supported and will void the warranty. We can not be responsible for issues with the machine as a result of this. 

International Notice

The Presto Pure soy milk machine was designed for use in the United States.
Our one year warranty is valid for United States customers only. If you purchase the machine and then ship it to another country, we cannot be responsible for warranty services unless the shipping to and from is paid by the buyer. In many cases, the shipping cost is greater than the cost of the machine. We apologize for this inconvenience and wish it was possible to better serve our potential customers from all over the world.