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What makes our soy milk maker better than the rest?

Quality Materials

The Idavee Soy Milk Maker is constructed of not one, but two layers of stainless steel. Try to find that in another soy milk machine. Other than the beauty, the benefit of this is the noise and heat dissipation. The inside of the machine and the mixing blade are made completely of 304 food grade stainless steel.

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Larger Capacity

The Idavee Automatic Soy Milk Machine is the highest capacity machine of its kind. The Idavee is capable of making 1.9 liters of milk at a time. That's just over a half gallon! In thirty short minutes, you'll have fresh, homemade milk with no additives like you'd find in store-bought milk. You can also easily make nut, seed, rice, coconut, hemp, oat milk and more.

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Stylish Design

Our designers wanted to create a soy milk maker that would look fantastic on your kitchen counter. We modeled our design after a typical modern coffee maker. It is about the same size and look as an average coffee maker. The beautiful stainless steel exterior looks great in any kitchen.

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International Notice

The Idavee soy milk machine was designed for use in the United States.
Our one year warranty is valid for United States customers only. If you purchase the machine and then ship it to another country, we cannot be responsible for warranty services unless the shipping to and from is paid by the buyer. In many cases, the shipping cost is greater than the cost of the machine. We apologize for this inconvenience and wish it was possible to better serve our potential customers from all over the world.