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  • 4 measuring cups of dry coconut flakes - or more if you like thicker coconut milk
  • Filtered water between the MIN and MAX lines


  1. Add the dry coconut flakes to the Presto Pure chamber
  2. Add filtered water between the MIN and MAX lines
  3. Press the JUICE/CLEAN button and wait about 5 minutes for the cycle to complete - Note: you don't want to use a heated function or your coconut milk will boil and turn into coconut oil.
  4. Strain milk using the enclosed filter or a nut milk bag (not included) for smoother milk
  5. Add your favorite flavorings and sweeteners if desired
  6. Chill and keep in the refrigerator for up to 4 days
  7. Milk will form a solid oil film on top, stir or shake milk to mix the nutritious oil back into the milk

International Notice

The Presto Pure soy milk machine was designed for use in the United States.
Our one year warranty is valid for United States customers only. If you purchase the machine and then ship it to another country, we cannot be responsible for warranty services unless the shipping to and from is paid by the buyer. In many cases, the shipping cost is greater than the cost of the machine. We apologize for this inconvenience and wish it was possible to better serve our potential customers from all over the world.